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8:00am Group Meditation & Kirtan w/ Casper Kirtan

Get your day started by building healing, collective energy in our empowering group meditation. We will focus on bringing you into your body, feeling our energy root in to the Earth while we draw in strength, compassion and love. This meditation, lead by a small group of yogis, will include poetry and imagery while anchoring through breath and body awareness. Get set to build community and finish class feeling rooted to the day ahead.

9:15am Living Your Sadhana w/ Hannah Martinez & Alaina Binfet

Your Sadhana is your daily spiritual practice. This practice guides you to your connection with yourself and the divine. Your Sadhana can be anything as long as it’s done with sincerity and devotion. Through asanas & organic movements, chanting, meditation, and pranayama, you’ll cleanse your spirit and expand your awareness – beginning your journey toward living your Sadhana.

10:30am Body Temple Activation w/ Nikki Allen

In this practice you’ll focus on Shakti movement to activate circulation, cleanse, and clear out what isn’t serving your highest Collective and self-intentions, while creating space for healing and transformation. Work with Mudra’s and healing hand movements to connect Spirit energy with your embodiment. Chant mantras to stimulate the flow of light-energy and manifestation. You have the magic to create a happy healthy and vibrant life – physically, mentally, and spiritually. When we integrate hard work and play our spirits dance with Joy.

11:45am Inner River w/ Kate O’Hara

Find poses through our natural rhythms of ebb and flow. Learning to find the path of least resistance, being soft inside and out, and finding space to listen to ourselves will be the themes of this practice.

12:45-1:30pm Lunch Break w/ Entertainment by Miranda Bressler

1:30pm Owning Your Story w/ Tracy Campbell

Part of the human condition is suffering. Whether be it illness, death, trauma, we are all touched by it. Owning our story and the suffering we are experiencing can be extremely difficult, but not as difficult as running from it. Join Tracy as we explore the power of being with our discomfort and its ability to transform us into our best selves.

2:45pm Stable & Strong w/ Shea & Sean Lehnen

A Hatha based class designed to ignite your inner power. Create a strong base and foundation to allow your body and mind to stretch to new limits. Core focused and balanced, Strong and Stable empowers yogis to push past the self-imposed limitations and create new pathways in the brain surrounding personal power.

4:00pm Energizing Vinyasa Flow w/ Sara Vrbas

Lose yourself in your breath and the connecting movements of vinyasa flow. Embrace the power that comes from linking physical asanas to the natural rise and fall of the body. Enjoy a playful practice that leaves you feeling a bit lighter and brighter.

5:15pm Journey Inward: A Meditative Flow w/ Kyllie Krafft

End your day with an all-levels yoga flow! Use the power of breath linked with movement as you work our way into the introspective Eagle pose. This class will end with an insightful guided meditation to close out the festival day.