Linda Linda Krafft

Linda is a Certified Yoga Teacher having completed the 200-hour training in Vinyasa style from Blossom Yoga Teacher Training in Laramie, Wyoming in 2016. Linda never considered becoming a yoga teacher and had very little experience on the mat until her daughter suggested the training in early 2015. Since completing the certification, she believes this was the single greatest personal development in her life. Now Linda spends her yoga time focusing on flexibility, balance and strength. She also pursues the practice of meditation, sampling from well-known practitioners and local yogis to improve her knowledge. Linda believes the practice and sharing of yoga and meditation promotes self-care and living a whole-hearted life.

Alaina Alaina Binfet

Alaina Binfet is a massage therapist, yoga instructor, and owner at wyOMing Yoga & Massage.

Like many others, Alaina has fought chronic low back pain for most of her life. At one point, around 9 years ago, the pain was so severe she was begging for surgery – instead, her physician recommended she try yoga to strengthen her core and help stabilize her spine.

She began practicing yoga for the physical benefits, and the results were so noteworthy that she wanted to share this “secret” with the world. She dreamed of opening her own yoga studio where she could help others discover the healing effects of yoga, and she eventually enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training course that not only changed the way she looked at yoga, but completely changed the way she approached life! Not only has Alaina been completely back-pain free for over 6 years, she now gets to live her dream and share her passion of physical and mental wellness with the community.

With a background in massage and health science, Alaina tends to focus on anatomy and physiology in her yoga classes, but is also drawn to the gentle, healing, and meditative type classes such as Restorative. She believes that practicing yoga for our body is just as important as practicing for our mind and spirit, and it can be used as a natural approach to healing.

As a lover of the outdoors, when she’s not in the studio, Alaina can be found spending her free time traveling & exploring the outdoors with her husband and dogs. She is always looking for ways to merge her two passions of yoga and the outdoors together.

Alaina received her 600-hr certification for Massage Therapy from Montana School of Massage and has been a practicing massage therapist for the last 14 years. In 2009 she received her degree in Health Science at Casper College. She is a 500 – RYT, having received her 200hr certification from Blossom Yoga Teacher Training in Laramie in 2015, and her 300hr certification with with Porters Neck Advanced Teacher Training in 2018.

HannahHannah Martinez

Welcome Yogis and all those interested in yoga, my name is Hannah. I am an E-RYT 200 hr
500 hr RYT and CE-RYT. I received my 200 hr Yoga Alliance certification through “Roots Academy” with a strong basis of Ashtanga and my 500 hr YA certification through Porters Neck Yoga Academy. I enjoy teaching as well as practicing many styles of yoga including; Ashtanga, Yin, Hatha, and Vinyasa Yoga, Infusing massage and self-massage wherever I can.

I grew up in California and was raised working in construction with my father and singing with my very musical family. I am also a licensed massage therapist and believe very strongly that in many situations the body has an amazing ability to self-heal. I am blessed with and an amazing husband and a beautiful son.

I was first introduced to yoga as a young girl by my gorgeous mother. She would practice in the living room and for fun, my sisters and I would join in. It wasn’t until I became a mother myself, that I truly fell in love with my practice. I was looking for a good way to get back into shape and found soo much more. I found that all of my physical asanas (poses) were a metaphoric representation of my life. I learned that growth takes dedication and perseverance. If I wasn’t leaving my physical comfort zone, then I was not going to move forward physically and the same went for my life. If I did not try and fall and try again when I was not gaining. I learned that the first time you try anything, it can be scary but you must try it anyway to achieve your goals. Yoga has been a gateway to my own self-awareness, self-love, and self-care. Which I believe gives me the ability to be a better wife to my amazing husband, a better mother to my beautiful son and a better start to the ripple that I contribute into the world.
Yoga is a connection to life’s rhythm. The marriage of breath, beating heart, and flow of movement, combined with a constant connection of energy and life force from earth and air through every cell of our being. When we are at one with this rhythm, everything becomes a fluid motion and we are on purpose with life and living. This is what I strive to share with my class.
My goal is to Encourage physical, spiritual, and mental growth by guiding you to your edge in every practice. Creating a stable environment which allows you to get out of your comfort zone and try new to build strength in all areas of the self.

I am a mother to my son, a lover to my husband, a guide to my students and a student of the universe, bursting with love for life and thirsty for knowledge every day.

Nikki Nikki Allen

In 2008 my friend Deanna called me; she said “Get a towel in a water bottle.” This is my crazy friend so I figured we were headed to do something extreme. We pulled up to a CorePower Yoga class we have done yoga classes before but this was the day my body, mind and spiritual life changed. Little did I know I would walk out a new woman, with a seed of strength and light planted in my heart.
Two years later I received my 200 hour RYT (Registered YogatTeacher) training. I was set in teaching Hot Yoga because that was the class that changed my life. I was so passionate about the specific class and I just wanted to show and teach others. Then I decided to be more open-minded and try different kinds of yoga most of which I hated at first but, I gradually started to enjoy them. Then Deanna took me to a festival where yet, another transformation occurred and that is where I was introduced to naam. I had taken a lot of time researching and learning about it to confirm my interest. After doing the research I realize this is the training that I wanted to pursue I registered completed my training and Shakti Naam Yoga in August of 2015 with 200 hours. Rhe retreat was amazing and I highly encourage anyone to look into it.
Now I teach and Infuse Naam in all of my yoga classes. As I have evolved in my personal practice and the way I teach I find it highly important to be mindful of each individual person. In my classes I will be teaching the focus will be on breathwork, Mantra and physical movement. The breath is the life force of the body. It strengthens the nervous, glandular and hormonal systems. Another aspect that is important in Shakti Naam is Mantra or sacred sound accompanied by Mudra’s (hand seals) that stimulate acupressure points. It is also physically challenging, it will open the body’s meridians which is energy that flows through the vessels. this is a special yoga class because it combines breathwork, physical movement, Mantra and mudra; it expand your Consciousness and raises your energetic vibrations.
Throughout the past 10 years I have dramatically and gradually evolved into the kind-hearted person I am today. I have practiced and taught a variety of yoga classes but Shakti naam is my passion and my purpose. It is a very interpersonal, spiritual and physical class. It will benefit one’s health and soul. I am very excited to help people on their journey to self love, health and vitality. collectively raising our Consciousness and coming together as one.

KateKate O’Hara

Kate O’Hara has loved yoga from the very first class she took for a P.E. credit at the University of Kansas, where she majored in philosophy and minored in religion and East Asian history. Her natural interest in these subjects found a deep flowering in the study and practice of yoga. She hopes to share the gifts she has received from yoga through her teaching.

TracyTracy Campbell

Tracy first came to her mat in 2012 not knowing what to expect. She was in a very transitional point in her life and a friend of hers recommended she try yoga to help guide her through it. After her first class she was hooked, but didn’t really know how doing a physical asana practice was going to help give her life direction. She kept coming back to her mat, day after day, and gradually her life began to shift. Life was coming more into balance, and even though she didn’t know it at the time, she began to incorporate the Yamas and Niyamas into how she approached herself and the world around her.

Tracy completed her 200 hour teacher training in May 2015 from Blossom Yoga in Laramie, WY. In this training she focused on alignment based Vinyasa flow, but also received training in yin and yoga nidra. Her teaching style is a slower flow to insure that students can practice while being present in their body and their breath.

Shea Shea Lehnen

Shea is a friend to everyone she meets, a lover of all people and traveling to new places. She teaches at 2nd Street Yoga Studio in Douglas, WY where she lives with her husband Sean and their two sons. She recently finished yoga training in Cheyenne at Blossom Yoga Studio where she felt at home. Shea is consistently working to make the world a better place one yoga student at a time. She has a BS degree in psychology and loves nothing more than to help people find their inner light. She loves to run for miles and miles and helps others find balance through yoga, meditation and self care. Shea is a mental health advocate, a health coach and yogini for life.

Sean Sean Lehnen

Sean is a driven mentor and coach in Douglas, Wyoming where he works, plays and lives. Sean is an athlete and a lover of all things active. He enjoys connecting with people through movement. Sean holds a BS in Business and currently works for Nalco Champion. He is a water fiend and can be seen practicing pranayama (breath work) on a paddle board at Glendo Resevoir in the early mornings. Sean loves deeply and fiercely, he uses his yoga practice to help others become comfortable in the unknown world of yoga, he has hosted men’s only classes and shares his yoga knowledge with young athletes as well. Sean is honest, true and sees the world as it is.

SaraSara Vrbas

Sara has been fortunate to instruct in Casper’s yoga community since 2011. A lover of energizing yoga flow for over a decade, Sara’s interest in kids and prenatal yoga began with her journey into motherhood. Sara’s classes focus on the connection of breath, movement, and mindfulness to inspire joy and awareness both on and off the mat. Her initial foundation was through CorePower Yoga, and she completed her 200 hour certification through Blossom Yoga in Laramie, WY. Recently, she expanded her knowledge through Rainbow Kids Yoga. Sara also has a Master’s degree in counseling from the University of Wyoming and Bachelor’s in Education. Her interest in mental-physical-emotional balance is woven into her playful instruction to encourage both the young and the young at heart.

KyllieKyllie Krafft

Kyllie “officially” began her yoga journey almost 7 years ago. She had always been intrigued by yoga, but battled with anxiety about actually attending a class. She joined a local fitness center that offered yoga classes to entice its members. After staring at the schedule week after week, she finally decided, “Well at least it’s not running…” and stepped into the studio.

As she was lying in Corpse pose at the end of class, she was struck by how peaceful she felt. What was all that nervousness about? It hadn’t been near as terrifying as she had imagined! She enjoyed it so much, she went back again.

Over the next few years, Kyllie started to explore meditation when she was told it might help her manage tension headaches and reduce stress. Eventually, she felt called to pursue yoga teacher training at Blossom Yoga Studio in Laramie, WY.

Since completing her 200 hour certification course, Kyllie is ready to help others explore the beautiful experience that is yoga. She firmly believes that every body is a yoga body and strives to create the warm, welcoming environment she experienced when beginning her own journey. She looks forward to meeting you!